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In my case it took two back-to-back attacks of sciatica to get my attention. I have shared my story so that you can benefit from my journey.  Those attacks focused me on finding a way to alleviate my pain. My doctors did not have the answer so I figured it was up to me to find out what would reduce and eventually eliminate my debilitating pain. As I researched sciatica I came across some little known non- traditional strategies that lessened my pain levels. the traditional medical community never pointed me in this direction. However, through trial and error, I was able to find a combination of strategies that has kept me pain-free for seven years.


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NOTE the result of my five years of research is the ” The Sciatica Pain Resource Guide ” which is a system of specific strategies and information that has allowed me to eliminate sciatica all together. The tab “RECOMMENDED READING has the details of that system. Additionally you can access that information by clicking on the image of the resource guide on the side bar on the right.

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Michael James. A former sciatica sufferer