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by Pain114un on January 22, 2013

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Sciatica is the result of inflammation of the sciatic nerve. There are a number of changes you can make in your lifestyle that will reduce sciatica pain without the use of medications or surgery.  If your physician has ruled out a physical cause of the sciatica such as a damaged disc then you should look at what else you can do to alleviate the pain. Actually there are dozens of things you can do to relieve sciatica. I am going to deal with each one of them in a series of blog posts. The subject of this post is using exercise to reduce sciatica pain.

Exercise serves two purposes.  First it will create more muscle flexibility which in turn can reduce inflammation levels in your muscles and nerves. Secondly, exercise will reduce the chance of future sciatica bouts. In my case I had two back-to-back sciatica attacks.  Both of those attacks were debilitating.  The attacks lasted between 6-10 weeks and made movement of my leg almost impossible.  After those attacks subsided I started a mild exercise program and increased the intensity of that program as my muscles became more flexible. It should be noted that if you are in the middle of a sciatica attack it is important not to stay in bed all day.  A short nap is OK but prolonged bed rest will result in tight and inflexible muscles.

The initial focus should be on the lower back and buttocks area.  This is especially important because of the location of the sciatic nerve and the Piriformus muscle group. The sciatic nerve runs through the Piriformus muscle and if that muscle is tight it can cause excessive inflammation of the sciatic nerve.  The more inflammation of the sciatic nerve the higher the pain levels you will feel. Our YouTube site has several exercises that will create more flexibility of your muscles that will impact sciatica. We demonstrate eleven exercises that might help your sciatica pain levels. We suggest you start with just a few of those exercises and add a few more after a week or two until you are comfortable with the entire routine.  The main advantage of these exercises is that they can all be done at home.  I use them on a daily basis and can go thru the entire routine in less than 20 minutes.

Another simple form of exercise is walking. I walk my two black pubs each day. I began this form of exercise just after my second sciatica attack. The path I take results in a half mile walk and depending on the weather I will walk the loop once or twice. Walking is ideal for muscle balance and flexibility.  Walking will create a stronger and more flexible leg muscle group as well as the lower back muscles. I like this activity because I many times bring my smart phone with some music or audio book files. It is amazing how fast the time passes when I do this.

As you gain in flexibility I added some weight lifting activities focused on the back and lower back.  Aerobic activities should be limited when you first start out until your sciatica is under control. These exercise activities can be a core part of any sciatica pain reduction program. All it takes is the desire to create a pain-free life. Get up and get moving, you will not be sorry.

Here is a sample of one of the videos from our YouTube site:

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The Sciatica Pain Resource is live

by Pain114un on June 27, 2012

This is our first post. The Sciatica Pain Resource website is now live. Videos on our YouTube channel are available at

Watch for posts on this Blog now that the channel is live and the videos are public on YouTube. We will try to bring you relevant information regarding sciatica and the methods you can use to alleviate your sciatica pain.


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