Michael on porchThanks for discovering The Sciatica Pain Resource Site.  My name is Michael James and I am a former sciatica sufferer.  I wanted to set the stage, so to speak, right up front to let you know that I am not a healthcare or wellness professional.  I am a perfect example of how you can take control of your sciatica and obtain excellent results.

Here is my background.  Over the years I have always suffered from some degree of back pain and when I got into my early sixties it developed into full-blown sciatica.  I visited my family doctor and he sent me to a sports medicine specialist.  He had me obtain a MRI, numerous tests and x-rays to rule out any physical condition that would cause the sciatica pain.  Once they ruled out spinal stenosis or severely damaged discs the doctor told me I did have a few bulging discs.  However, he assured me this was normal for someone of my age and athletic background. The traditional approach to sciatica treatment was painkillers, bed rest and eventually surgery if the condition got to be unbearable.


After two almost back-to-back attacks of sciatica and very little relief I decided that there had to be more information on how to treat sciatica without invasive procedures like surgery.  Let me tell you my sciatica pain was debilitating.  The pain was so bad I could not walk, sit or stand without searing, burning pain that started in my lower back and radiated down the back of my thigh all the way to the heel of my foot.  There is no way to convey to you how painful it was.  I knew I had to find a solution because I could not live with that level of pain any longer.

That began my journey to my NOW pain free life. I researched sciatica on the web, on medical libraries, in print, in books and finally discovered that there were a dozen treatment strategies that had a dramatic impact on my level of pain.  By experimenting with each strategy I eliminated some that had little effect and added those that did impact my pain level until I finally found the combination that worked for me.


If you are willing to take charge of your sciatica pain I am willing to share some of my knowledge with you.  The combination of strategies that worked for me might be quite different for your condition.  That is because each of us is different in body type, health condition and a number of additional elements.  I believe that the strategies that helped me could be your answer to a pain free life.  In my case the past seven years have been pain free and I can only hope you can achieve that same level of satisfaction.