Sciatica Pain Levels and Chiropractic Care


X-Ray of spineOne of the best ways to relieve pain on the sciatic nerve is to relieve the pressure pressing on the nerve. Understanding this basic fact goes a long way toward eliminating lower back pain, buttock pain and leg pain associated with sciatica. Chiropractic manipulation of the lower back is not the magic bullet as far as sciatica is concerned.

Manipulating the spine, whether an osteopath or a chiropractor does it, may only provide a short-term relief from the pain of sciatica. The underlying cause may not be addressed when spinal manipulation occurs. In some cases, people have reported no improvement whatsoever or even a worsening of back pain following manipulation. Some adjustments by chiropractors or osteopaths have led to improvement of the sciatica pain levels. It all depends on the underlying conditions that are causing the sciatica to begin with.

How Does Chiropractic Manipulation Effect Sciatica Pain?

The reason why chiropractic manipulation works with some cases of sciatica is because the goal of chiropractic care is to create a neutral spine. A spine that is in perfect alignment does not create pressure on any of our vital nerves. That pressure on specific nerves is referred to as subluxation. Specific subluxation in the lower back is believed to cause any number of health issues including sciatica.

Photo of Chiropractic AdjustmentIf you suffer from back pain then you should ask yourself if your sciatic nerve has any correlation. Patients with sciatic nerve pain usually do not actually have a problem with the bones and vertebrae in the back. Certain physical abnormalities in the spinal bones can be the cause of sciatica. Once your healthcare professional has ruled out a physical cause of your sciatica you can discuss the option of utilizing a chiropractor to perform a series of adjustments to reduce your sciatica.

It is worth noting that torn or stretched ligaments, muscular tendons and spinal discs, as a general rule, will not be improved by chiropractic manipulation. Additionally, chiropractic care is an ongoing therapy. Chiropractic manipulation will usually give you temporary relief. However your body will sometimes try to return to the original position the spine was in and therefore you cannot expect chiropractic care to cure your sciatica in just one visit.

One Solution to Sciatica is an Exercise Program

The correct long-term solution to sciatica pain is to permanently relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve and that means restructuring the supporting soft tissue around your spine. By rebuilding the support structure of the back you are ultimately relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. Combine this with an exercise program targeted to the specific lower back and buttock muscles can create positive results.

Chiropractic care can begin the process by creating a neutral spine and thus reducing the subluxations that can cause inflammation and therefore pain. As general rule chiropractic care is used as one of several strategies to create an overall plan of attack to reduce your sciatica pain levels. In my case, the combination of numerous strategies has resulted six pain-free years. Each of the strategies I employ in my pain-relief program alone is not the answer. It is the combination of strategies that work for me that relieves my sciatica pain.