Sciatica Cure-Try the Natural Approach


There is conclusive proof that the body is a wondrous machine. There are many examples of the body self-healing without a lot of invasive medical procedures or treatments. Like any machine the body needs the proper fuel to function properly. There are natural treatments that are non-invasive that will assist the body with the fuel it needs to cure sciatica and other ailments. If you pay attention to these elements you can see a dramatic improvement in sciatica pain and it can lead to a sciatica cure in a number of patients. Some people say that these important elements can be the missing link in the formula for a sciatica cure. By adding an intelligent mix of specific minerals, vitamins and exercises a sciatica cure is possible.

Looking for a sciatica cure-start by taking your vitamins!

Vitamin D has been shown to improve some peoples back pain. Some musculoskeletal disorders are a result of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced naturally in the body by exposure to the sun. A sciatica cure or at least a reduction in sciatica pain has been achieved, in some patients, with the additions of vitamin D, as well as regular exposure to sunlight.

Another vitamin that is critical to a body’s self-healing function is B12, which is an important element in bone and brain health. If you look at what happens to a body that has a vitamin B12 deficiency you will see decreased muscle control and eventually pernicious anemia. The decreased muscle control is the key factor because the sciatica nerve runs through a number of muscle groups. People looking for a sciatica cure formula have experienced a reduction in the intensity and frequency of acute and chronic back pain and sciatica symptoms. Keep in mind that over-the-counter and prescription pain medication used to treat pain is not a sciatica cure it just masks the underlying reason for the pain. Regularly taking vitamin B12 supplements or adding meats and poultries to your diet can be part of the overall sciatica cure you might be trying to achieve. Pain medication is has been shown to be addictive, while vitamins and minerals used to treat sciatica pain is a better solution and could lead to a sciatica cure for your condition.

Another sciatica cure element is magnesium.

A key mineral for healthy muscular and central nervous system health is magnesium. You cannot obtain a sciatica cure if your nervous system is compromised. The sciatica nerve is part of that system. How important is magnesium? Magnesium is actually underappreciated and many times ignored by many medical professionals. Over three hundred chemical reactions in the body require magnesium for proper functioning. A good dietary supplement will boost your magnesium levels. When taking magnesium be sure to obtain a supplement that also contains calcium. The calcium acts as a catalyst for the proper absorption of the magnesium. You can increase your magnesium levels by adding vegetables such as carrots, beets, blackberries, celery, cauliflower, parsley and spinach to your weekly dietary intake.

Curing sciatica includes diet & exercise as a basis for good health

As we discussed in a previous article exercise is critical to any sciatica cure. Walking daily and some aerobic activity are essential to a well-balanced body. Some exercise is low-impact and is highly recommended for any sciatica cure. Yoga is a good exercise because it will improve your natural flexibility and strength.  Yoga will not only strengthen he body but increase the overall stability of the lower area where sciatica pain originates. It is a good stretching exercise and this stretching has been shown to reduce the overall sciatica inflammation over time, which is one source of sciatica pain.

There are some people who have a tough time exercising while experiencing a sciatica attack. You could employ massage therapy to help alleviate chronic sciatica pain associated with the lower back. Message therapy has been shown to help people who suffer from acute sciatica attacks. Pregnant woman will sometimes experience sciatica pain due to the inability of their bodies being able to adjust to their weight gain. Message therapy of the lower back can be beneficial.

How can diet contribute to a sciatica cure?

Changing your diet to include proper nutrients will go a long way toward a sciatica cure. Include foods in your diet that have an anti-inflammation characteristic and you can reduce and relieve the symptoms of sciatica pain. Inflammation is a major cause of sciatica pain. If you avoid these foods you can actually alleviate the major flare-ups’ associated with sciatica pain. If you add nuts, fish, healthy fats and oils, and different kinds of berries you will naturally reduce inflammation in your body. Additionally a key element is water. Hydration is critical to removing the toxins in our body that are created by inflammation. Water is important in any bodies effort to create a sciatica cure.

Some important guidelines.

If you pay attention to diet, vitamins, minerals, and hydration you can not only reduce pain during a sciatica flare-up you might be on your way to a sciatica cure for your pain. Here are a few additional items to consider:

• Take long naps but don’t stay in bed all day. Inactivity can cause muscle atrophy and this only contributes to the sciatica pain.

• Don’t lift heavy items, which can put a strain on you back.

• Stay active because this will prevent your muscles from tightening up.

• Use hot pads will alleviate your symptoms far better than pain killers, which can become addictive.

• Hot and cold pack are a effective specifically for lower back pain.

Medical professionals can diagnose underlying causes for your sciatica pain. If you look at the natural choices available to create a sciatica cure you will see that help for your condition is available. By changing you lifestyle, exercising, hydrating and making sure you have the element your body needs for self-healing you could be on your way to a sciatica cure.