Sciatica during Pregnancy


While some women may sail through pregnancy many others do not. Some women can wake up in the morning and find themselves in such pain they are unable to tie their own shoelaces or put a jacket on without suffering pain. The majority would visit a chiropractor or doctor who would often diagnose sciatica in pregnancy.

Image of pregnant womanPregnancy-related sciatica occurs when a baby’s head rests against the sciatic nerve of the mother. The nerve runs from the spine and through the pelvis before branching out into each leg before ending at the knee. Pregnancy-related sciatica is most common during the term when the mother has been carrying her baby more than six months.

The pain associated with the condition in pregnancy is often known as sharp shooting or stabbing-type pain. As the baby becomes larger during the latter part of pregnancy, it’s head moves to the lowest part of the abdomen and the pressure of the nearby sciatic nerve can cause numb feeling which often paralyses the mother temporarily. Often the pain can restrict the woman’s mobility factor or freedom of movement.

What to Expect: Location of Sciatica

This conditon during pregnancy is a common and the pain is often felt more in the buttock, but can also be experienced in the lower back or rear thigh area. Often there is very little treatment for sciatica during pregnancy, just waiting for the baby to be born is often the only solution available for some mothers. But there may well be a way to relieve the pain and pressure on that nerve when considering sciatica in pregnancy.

While the options are limited for women to deal with the pain during pregnancy, a good diet and exercise could go a long way to alleviate the pain of sciatica in pregnancy. It may be too late if you are already pregnant but for those who are planning a pregnancy it is strongly advisable for the woman to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet before the onset of pregnancy. The condition during pregnancy affects overweight mothers far worse than mothers who are of normal weight.

It may also be strongly advisable for mothers to work out before pregnancy as good muscle tone will help the mother to overcome this condition during pregnancy. Good muscular tone helps to support the body structure and this aids in prevention of this very painful condition.